Axure RP下载地址 兼容macOS 10.13

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Axure RP下载地址 兼容macOS 10.13

2017年10月20日,Axure推送了新版本Axure RP Beta,修复了和macOS 10.13兼容的一些问题。如果有使用macOS 10.13系统的同学赶紧更新测试下。


Axure RP下载地址


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Axure RP Beta Update

10/20/2017 – Bug Fixes

– Fixed macOS 10.13 multiple dock icons
– Fixed macOS 10.13 shift scrolling
– Fixed some issues with selected and disabled styles in Repeaters
– Fixed issue with images in Repeaters
– Fixed autosizing in non-refreshed Repeaters
– Fixed some shapes copied from Sketch incorrectly combining
– Fixed some improper wrapping in Tree Widgets
– Fixed italics converting SVG to Shapes